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Global Pravasi Rishta Portal

Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India recently launched the Global Pravasi Rishta Portal. The Prime Minister and the President of India highlighted its importance in their addresses at the Pravasi Bhartiya Divas Convention.

The Indian Diaspora estimated to be over 30 million, has been playing an important role in economic & financial development of India and promoting India’s rich cultural heritage abroad. Government of India duly recognizes the importance of the Diaspora and proper engagement/communication with it.

This portal has been designed to facilitate communication between the Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Missions/Posts abroad and the Diaspora on a real-time basis.

The Portal would provide latest information on the existing and new government schemes launched for the benefits of the diaspora and can also be used for collecting opinion of the diaspora on important policy issues.

Indian diaspora (NRIs/PIOs) in Zambia are welcome to register themselves on the portal at https://pravasirishta.gov.in and send feedback/suggestions, if any.


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