Driver's License Confirmation Letter
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Driver's License Confirmation Letter

Applicant for a Zambian driving license may require the authenticity of the Indian Driving license to be certified by the High Commission. Miscellaneous services form and affidavit can be downloaded the website http://www.hcizambia.gov.in. Forms are also available at the High Commission.

Documents required: 

  • Miscellaneous services form duly filled.
  • Passport (original and photocopy - first two pages, last page and first entry into Zambia).
  • NRC/Residency Permit (original and photocopy).
  • Two recent passport size photographs (see ‘Photograph Guidelines’).
  • Driving license (original and photocopy).
  • Print out of the driving license taken from the website of the issuing Motor Vehicles Department of the concerned state of India.
  • Affidavit (For Motor Driving License and photocopy)

Time Frame : 02 working days

Fees: (to be paid in cash) ZMK 490/-

Where to apply: Directly at the High Commission in person

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