Temporary Landing Permit
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Temporary Landing Permit

Information Pertaining To Temporary Landing Permit

  • FRROs/FROs cum Superintendents of Police can grant Landing Permit to the foreigners arriving in India by air or sea without valid visa under emergency situation like death/illness in the family upto a period of maximum three days and OCI card holders arriving without 'U' Visa Sticker upto a period of 30 days without levying any charge after verification from the OCI database. Also, if they are not carrying OCI card, but carrying foreign passport bearing 'U' visa sticker, the entry is allowed.
  • A foreigner in direct transit through India travelling by air can be granted temporary landing permit not exceeding 3 days provided he/she resumes journey by the next regularly scheduled flight. The Passport will be retained by the Immigration Authorities and returned back at the time of departure.
  • A fee of US $40 or equivalent amount in Indian rupees per passenger, including children is charged for the grant of a landing permit except for the passengers falling under the Visa Fee Free (Gratis) Regime.
  • FRROs/FROs cum Superintendents of Police can grant Collective Landing Permit to the foreign tourists in groups of four or more arriving by air or sea, sponsored by Indian Travel Agencies approved by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and with a pre-drawn itinerary for a period not exceeding 60 days, with multiple-entry facility to enable them to visit a neighbouring country.  In order to avail of this facility, the tourist or travel agency concerned is to mandatorily fill in the applications online on website www.indianvisaonline.gov.in.  A complete list of group members along with printed Visa applications and their itinerary is to be submitted by the tourist or travel agency to the FRRO/FRO concerned, 72 hours in advance.  The tourist or travel agency is also to give an undertaking to conduct the group as per the itinerary and extend a further assurance that no individual would be allowed to drop out from the group at any place.  This facility is granted on payment of US $40 per tourist as TLP fee.
  • The crew members of non-scheduled flights/chartered flights operated by non-scheduled operators require valid Visa for entering into India.  No Landing Permit is granted to such crew members except in cases where the crew members could not obtain the Visa due to some valid reasons and have to come to India in emergency.  A fee of US $40 or equivalent amount in Indian rupees per person is charged from such crew members if Landing Permits are granted.
  • The crew members/seamen of scheduled/non-scheduled flights operated by the scheduled operators as approved by the Ministry of Civil Aviation from time to time can be granted Landing Permit upto a period of seven days without any charges.  The seamen who arrive by ship and have to leave India either by another ship or by flight within seven days can also be granted Landing Permits without charging a fee.

For the detailed instructions, please visit the Link given below:
Instructions relating to grant of Visa to crew of non-scheduled airlines and chartered flights and issue of Temporary Landing Permits (TLPs). http://mha1.nic.in

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